Echoes of a silenced girl

I saw thousands of woman take to different social media platforms to share similar experiences of the harassment, violence they had encountered at the hands of their lovers, brothers, friends and fathers.

DSC_0522 copy

This play was inspired by the events that took place after the death of Karabo Mokoena at the beginning of 2017.

Once something new happened we all forgot about the hashtag and people moved on as if the daily torment of women was a thing of the past – this is where our frustrations began. Conversations cannot just stop – for change to happen people need to constantly be engaging and speaking.

 Further frustration set in when more stories would surface and we saw that we (our lives and experiences)were reduced to a simple catchy hashtag – a needed to carry the conversation forward.

The play series was created to further the conversation – to make make sure that the voices of South African women aren’t just reduced to a statistic or a hashtag but that they are being heard.

DSC_0446 copy

Echoes of A Silenced Girl won’t change the world or the way black men treat women; it reminds us and the audience that we matter.

DSC_0477DSC_0507 copy

Echoes of a Silenced Girl will be at the J&B Hive in Braamfontein this Friday the 27th.

Check out the Facebook event here

Photography: Alexia Roussos

Styled by Tutu Zondo

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