Ugly Girls Go Last…

A review from one of our panellists for our Black Girl Chats series that started off with the topic of representation of black women in mainstream media.

Madiba says...

On Saturday, 2 September, I was part of a panel discussion with the talented Swankie Mafoko that was hosted by Black Girl. Fat Girl. Magazine at Jozi Book Fair in Newtown. The panel interrogated the representation of black womxn in mainstream media. Generally, I don’t accept these kinds of invitations because I do not fancy myself a good public speaker. I prefer to share my views in group settings. So, when the founder of Black Girl. Fat Girl. Magazine, Siphumelele “Garry” Chagwe asked if I could be one of the speakers I was hesitant. I requested more information but I did not intend to accept the invitation.  Nonetheless, the topic was one that had been on my mind for a while. So I agreed because I thought it was a great opportunity to re-imagine my personal narrative of beauty.

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