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All images shot by Alexia Roussos @lexxiroussos

“Strong – I think that’s the word I ran with whilst putting together these looks. I really asked myself how do you put the word strong into clothes, I concentrated on a few things, clothes that would make an already strong person feel stronger, more confident, sexier.” Tutu Zondo on styling Niza Jay

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Niza Jay stars in ‘Inxeba‘ a South African isiXhosa language movie that explores the conflict of traditional rites of manhood, when initiates “go to the mountain”, with awakening pride in gay identity. The movie is a love story that has never been told and just by existing, the movie, challenges South Africans and the stories we have chosen to tell to this point.

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Inxeba‘, opens at theatres in South Africa on the 15th -21st of September for a week-long run in order to qualify for consideration for the Oscars.

“Shooting a male, for an all-female publication should’ve felt more challenging – but instead putting together and conceptualizing this shoot felt very natural.” Tutu Zondo


Read: Inxeba- A love letter

All images shot by Alexia Roussos @lexxiroussos for Black Girl. Fat Girl.

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