Send Nudes.


Yolanda Mazwana is a  visual artist from Johannesburg, South Africa.

 “I paint mostly. I’ve done photography, film, illustration and graphic design. I have had a couple of group exhibitions.”

I am a full-time artist.

Yolanda is taking the time to explore her femininity, how it looks like for the world and how it looks like for herself, in her art. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey with Black Girl Fat Girl.


Processed with VSCO
Hannah comes across nudes on her boyfriend, Fran’s,  phone. The nudes belonged to his ex-girlfriend. She confronts him about it, he admits that he uses them for sexual reason’s, she then asks why not use her nudes, he explains that her photos are silly, she takes it upon herself to take new ones.

To see more of Yolanda’s work, find her on her social media.

Instagram: @y.o.d.a.a
Facebook: yodatheartist

Images provided by Yolanda Mazwana

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