Black Girl Fat Girl Month




an adult human female.


a woman in relation to her child or children.
of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova) which can be fertilized by male gametes.
  1. “a herd of female deer”
    a female person, animal, or plant.

I just thought it was important to start this all off with a few definitions because with WOMEN’S DAY (not mothers day) coming up on the 9th of August, much like every year before this one, I am mentally preparing myself to hear

“happy mothers day oops I mean women’s day, hahaha”

I was always confused by how one would confuse the two, a woman does not  have to be a mother  to be a woman and to casually think that these words are like the numbers six and nine is problematic to say the least, simply because takes us all the way back to times where women were seen as penis warmers and baby making machines and that’s not what we’re doing in 2017.

Now for the real reason we’re all here. Because BGFG is so heavily invested in women, ALL YEAR ROUND, we figured we should open up the month to our readers! This month BGFG would love it if you, our reader, got to be part of the stories we’re trying to tell.

How? Send us something that we could post on our site. ANYTHING! A think piece, a poem, photography, art, artistic photography, audios of you and your friends having chats about whatever it it BGFG readers chat about. A reader submission will be selected and put up weekly. That means 4 beautiful BGFGers will get a chance to have their work up for the world to see.

Our theme this month is “head to toe” and you can tackle this theme in whatever way you like, whether it be literal or figurative.

So tell your bestie and your mom and your little sister to get to work! WE WANT ALL OF THE CREATIVITY… and then we want you to send it to ASAP!!!!!

It’s going to be a great Black Girl Fat Girl month!

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