I am keen as a bean.

Ready and steady.

Time machine, RESCUE ME!!

Let’s skip right over the fact that I had not (not once in my life) heard of The Afro Punk festival until last night, 11th May 2017, when I was informed by Facebookers that Solange AND Anderson Paak were going to be gracing our shores this December.


It’s all TRUTH!

But this should be belted from the roof tops, people should be screaming from Carlton Centre (the tallest building in Johannesburg), this tale must be passed on to every child born in 2017 and if anyone births twins in South Africa on December 30th or 31st they MUST name the twins Afro and Punk.

After doing some reading on the AFROPUNK website it dawned on me that this was not just another music festival but that over the past 15 years Afro Punk has been defining intersectionality in music and has created a multicultural platform for musicians and music lovers alike.

And now they’re in South Africa.

The amount of pride that fills the heart of a  parent who lets their child go out into the world only for the child to return having become all that they can be, is the pride that filled all of our hearts when this was first announced. In a time of deep turmoil, a music festival that speaks words of freedom in a world where we fight against oppression every day is why we need AFRO PUNK not only in South Africa and not just in Africa but on planet earth.

Now pardon me as I save my rands and cents and begin to stretch my hips (that can not tell a lie). I will be meditating deeply on the words of Thandiswa Mazwai and Nonku Phiri for the next 7 months.


“what you say to me?????” _Solange



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