On ‘Sense And Sensuality’

@Lexxiroussos designer, photographer
Alexia Roussos

Sense and Sensuality

I’ve always been very creative, and I enjoy the challenge that comes with conceptualizing  an idea and carrying it through to fruition. I like to work with a strong concept and to try and build everything around that – I work off of ideas and stories that help to shape and influence the aesthetic outcome of my work, rather than working from a purely aesthetically-driven place. The way the concept changes and grows is very important to me: from drawing stages of designing a collection, to working out construction methods and seeing how the fabric works,  fitting it to the models and presenting it at a fashion show, and (for me) to finally doing the shoot. Every step of the process is an evolution of the idea that helps it to grow and develop further, and to come into its own more fully over time.

The idea for this collection came from the concept of “Sensuality”, and how we relate to ourselves as sensual beings. It was inspired by my past relationship, and the freedom of expression that came with it. It was an open and safe space that allowed both of us to understand ourselves more fully, and to grow us a result of that – both as individuals, and together. It helped me realise that some of the societal expectations of love and relationships didn’t necessarily work for me, and allowed me to redefine my idea of what it was to be near another person- and, more importantly, to be near to myself.

I came to see sensuality as a kind of discrete aspect of ourselves something that was completely separate from our gender or sexual orientation, and rather deals with the way we relate to ourselves and our bodies, and how we choose to share that with other people.

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